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Leon Krings

Leon Krings is a member of the research project “Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective” at Hildesheim University, Germany, where he is also working on a PhD thesis on the phenomenology of embodiment in the context of Japanese philosophy, with a focus on the training of embodiment patterns (? kata). He is editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Japanese Philosophy (EJJP) and member of the board of directors of the European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP). His other research interests include intercultural philosophy, the later work of Nishida Kitaro, philosophy as a form of life (Lebensform), as well as relational, processual, and non-substantialist modes of thought. His latest publication is the collected volume Transitions: Crossing Boundaries in Japanese Philosophy (co-edited with Francesca Greco and Yukiko Kuwayama, 2021).