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Linda Grant
This Dance of the Mind

2008, 328 S.
Reihe: Philosophische Texte und Studien, 97
ISBN: 978-3-487-13643-1

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This Dance of the Mind is a comprehensive study of most of the major themes in traditional and contemporary philosophy of mind. The scope of the book is extremely wide – encompassing all the major theories of the nature of the mind (from Cartesian dualism to various forms of physicalism/eliminativism in their contemporary guises), the phenomenology of the mind (including a discussion of the almost wholly neglected issue of the “abnormal” mind) as well as discussions of free-will, the sciences of psychology and psychiatry, and a host of the epistemological issues related to philosophical inquiry about the mental. Although the terrain covered in the text is extremely broad, careful and detailed critical analyses are offered in many of these areas. In addition, the author offers defense of some very unfashionable views in contemporary philosophy of mind (e.g., a version of Cartesian dualism and the centrality and indispensability of introspection). The text is accessible enough to be suitable for introductory undergraduate courses, yet sophisticated and rich enough for upper level graduate courses.