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Christopher Yusufu Mtaku
Continuity and Change
The Significance of the Tsin bza (Xylophone) among the Bura of northeast Nigeria.

2020, 196 S., mit 9 Farbabb., Paperback
Reihe: Center for World Music - Studies in Music, 5
ISBN: 978-3-487-15532-6

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This study concerns the Bura tsinza xylophone, an instrument that is closely associated with the Bura peoples' identity. The tsinza occupies an important position in Bura culture. Old musicians emphasized that it was originally an important funeral instrument. Today, however, the instrument has assumed other roles with an entirely different meaning for many in the society. The traditional context of use of the instrument is disappearing, but new contexts have surfaced that keep the instrument a lively art amongst the people. This study explores the oral history of the instrument, its traditional and contemporary contexts of use with an aim to understand why and in what ways the Bura maintain tsinza musical performance despite the gradual disappearance of its traditional context.