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Yohei Kondo (Hrsg.); Angeliki Ziaka (Hrsg.)
Local and Global Ibadi Identities

2019, 408 S., mit 7 Abb., Hardcover
Reihe: Studies on Ibadism and Oman, 13
ISBN: 978-3-487-15567-8

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The Ibadis have formed their communities and developed their institutions in a rapidly changing milieu, building their own identities as one of the Islamic denominations. Ibadi sources enable us to grasp their movements and challenges from various points of view over the times. This volume presents an exploration of different issues concerning Ibadi and Omani identities from the early beginnings to the present day. The contributions of individual authors from all over the world provide the reader with the latest research achievements in the field of Ibadi and Omani studies, extending from the Middle East to Africa and Europa, and ranging from literature, legal and theological issues, to politics and so on. Some of them also work on Ibadi interrelations with other Islamic groups. In that way, this volume is essential for studying the Ibadi movements as well as the diversity within the Muslim world.