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Heinz Gaube
The "Jabrin Collection"
Royal Tableware Service. With a foreword by Abdullah Al Salmi.

2021, 116 S., mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, durchgehend vierfarbig., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-487-16004-7

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When His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said visited the German University of Technology (GUtech) on 24th December 2012, it was felt that the best way to commemorate that generous gesture on His Majesty’s part would be to produce some historical examples of fine German porcelain that incorporated the style of the Omani ceiling designs in Jabrin Fort, which were subsequently created by the Meissen factory. This led Heinz Gaube to commence a study of the fort in connection with this project, in the course of which he devoted his particular attention to the building’s superb decorative features, above all its impressively painted ornamental ceilings.

Heinz Gaube worked on Jabrin Fort on and off for around a decade, and each time he returned to it, he found his attention drawn to new aspects of that historic building’s artistic and architectural beauty that he had not been aware of before.