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Edith Franke (Hrsg.); Ramona Jelinek-Menke (Hrsg.)
Handling Religious Things
The Material and the Social in Museums

2022, X/234 S., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-487-16077-1

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With this book, we are entering an area of public controversy: the field of museums. The focus is on a topic that is equally the subject of much critical reflection in the academic arena: religious things and how they are handled in museums.

Museums are receiving currently a lot of public attention with regard to the material objects they host, and the historical and contemporary handling of these objects. There are global public debates about the origins, paths, and futures of museum things. Since at least 2018, with the report on the restitution of African cultural heritage, which Felwine Sarr and Bénédicte Savoy presented to the French president, the legitimacy of objects from colonial contexts in museums and collections in the global north has been widely debated. Furthermore, disciplines within cultural studies, including the study of religions, have taken a material turn, and now focus on the material, and thus also on museum things. This has brought the material dimension of religion into the focus of research in various disciplines. Studying materiality can thus open a pathway for potential critique of established patterns in research, historiography, and society, widening our perspective.