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Kurt Schindler
Folk Music and Poetry of Spain and Portugal, Musica y poesía popular de España y Portugal

New York 1941 , Reprint: Hildesheim 1979, XXVII/[376]/126 pp., Cloth
ISBN: 978-3-487-06686-8
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Most important and complete among the works of Kurt Schindler (1882-1935), eminent musicologist, conductor and composer, this rich and valuable collection of Spanish and Portuguese folk music and poetry was posthumously edited by his friends and colleagues.
The present edition is based on Schindler's original manuscripts, which clearly show the author's exactness, thoroughness and methodical perfection in collecting and transcribing the songs. These manuscripts, in which Schindler noted each detail of music as well as poetry, are here faithfully reproduced. Schindler always respected the popular forms of music and language, never attempting to correct or make them uniform in style. His posthumous editors retained and published all variants of each song or poem, making scholarly comparison and study of the material in this collection possible.